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Pride and Joy

Do you know what an ally is?

Joy loves her big brother, Noah. So when Noah is teased for being gay, Joy wants to help. But how?

Discover how Joy learns to be an ally...and has some yummy fun along the way!

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Princesses Are Not Just Pretty

Bloomsbury Children's Books 2010

Princess Allie, Princess Mellie and Princess Libby are all pretty in their own way, but they want to know who is the prettiest. After a lot of arguing, they decide the only way to find out is by holding a beauty contest at the royal palace.

But when the big day arrives, the princesses find themselves in a right royal mess. What will they do? Who will win the prize? And will the Princesses ever realize that perhaps there is more to life than being pretty?

Find out in this fabulously funny story about three delightfully different princesses!


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Princesses Are Not Perfect

Bloomsbury Children's Books 2010

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Princesses Are Not Quitters

Bloomsbury Children's Books 2002

The "Princess" series is about three imperfect but good-hearted Princesses. They run their own Princessdom by the sea, figuring it out as they go. Hilarious illustrations (and excellent hairstyles) by Sue Hellard.


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What! Cried Granny

Bloomsbury Children's Books 2000

"What! Cried Granny" is for every child who resists bedtime, and every adult who makes it happen anyway. Brilliant illustrations by Adrian Johnson.

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Stanley and the No-Hic Machine

Bloomsbury Children's Books 1999

"Stanley's No-Hic Machine" is the fourth in Bernice Lum's series about Stanley, the wonderfully capable dog. All pictures by the wonderfully capable Bernice Lum.


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