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Kate Lum-Potvin (she/her) is the multi-award-winning author of five picture books, including "What! Cried Granny" and "Princesses Are Not Quitters." 

She lives in a Victorian house by the sea in the Canadian Maritimes, with a musician husband and a mischievous Airedale. 

Her professionally-produced stories and songs for kids can be found at and on all podcast platforms. 

Find Kate on Instagram at katelumpotvin_writer.


Kate says:

"I'm delighted to have co-authored "Pride and Joy" with psychologist Dr. Frank Sileo. This "warm hug of a book" (my favourite description!) is about LGBTQ allyship; but at heart, it's about simple kindness, and taking care of those we love. I hope families enjoy the warm illustrations by Emmi Smid, and the helpful talking points from Dr. Sileo."

"I love Sue Hellard's vision of the Princesses: they're as pink, purple and fluffy as any little girl could wish, yet they work hard, contribute to their Princessdom, care about others, and have more going on than just fancy hairdos and great shoes. They dress like Marie Antoinette, but they're very modern Royals!"

"I have great fun reading What! to groups. Kids learn the repetitions very quickly. They love to shout out, "WHAT?" -- there's always lots of giggling! And the illustrations by Adrian Johnson are priceless."

About Kate

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