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Pride and Joy

Joy loves her big brother, Noah. He's the best brother, skateboarder and cookie baker there is! So, when Noah is teased for being gay, Joy wants to help. But how?

Joy decides to become an ally - someone who supports others through their words and actions. With her best friend, Elliott, Joy takes action, baking 'Pride and Joy' cookies to raise money for the local LGBTQIA+ center. But when the bully tries to put an end to the bake sale, Joy learns that being an ally means using your words, too.

Written by an award-winning author team, and with charming illustrations throughout, Pride and Joy introduces children to LGBTQIA+ allyship and teaches them the value of inclusion and courage. Featuring a reading guide for adults and questions for discussion, this beautiful, uplifting picture book is a must-have for every young ally.


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Kate Lum-Potvin


Praise for "Pride and Joy"

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"Everyone needs an ally, especially LGBTQ+ youth. Books like Pride and Joy: A Story about Becoming an LGBTQIA+ Ally teach kids from a young age that the best kind of allyship is the kind that not only raises its voice but also takes action. At PFLAG, we've spent decades working with families and non-family allies, meeting people where they are, bringing them along on their journey--and always leading with love. With Pride and Joy.., young readers and their families now have a new resource for that important work."

Brian K. Bond (he/him), Executive Director, PFLAG National

"Being an ally is no easy feat, and Pride and Joy shows kids everywhere not only how to do it, but why it matters! Insightful, inspiring, and important, this story reminds us that our words and actions have  impact, always."

Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

"This book is so desperately needed. It should be placed on the curriculum of every school in the land!"

Paul Taylor,

Non-Profit Leader, Media Consultant; Co-Founder, Evenings and Weekends Consulting, Toronto, ON

"Pride and Joy is not only a book with a heartfelt story, it's a beautifully illustrated book that has an important message. Creating allies and a world where closets don't exist happens one child at a time. And it begins with each of us and what we say, as much as what we choose not to say. Pride and Joy is a book that offers families courage, hope, strength, and most importantly, it inspires children how to be an ally in a timely and creative way. We could all benefit from a little more Pride and Joy in the world!"

Chris Tompkins, author of Raising LGBTQ Allies: A Parent's Guide to Changing the Messages from the Playground


About Kate Lum-Potvin

Kate Lum-Potvin (she/her) is the multi-award-winning author of five picture books, including "What! Cried Granny" and "Princesses Are Not Quitters."


She lives in a Victorian house by the sea in the Canadian Maritimes, with a musician husband and a mischievous Airedale.

Her professionally-produced stories and songs for kids can be found at and on all podcast platforms.

Find Kate on Instagram at katelumpotvin_writer.

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